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What to expect from an HSYCO Partner

Working with HSYCO’s trusted partners provides a hassle-free route to the design, development and implementation of secure, scalable and truly integrated automation and control solutions.

Working closely with our partners we have addressed requirements in areas such as building automation, security and safety, environmental control and industrial automation as well as niche markets ranging from battery management and EV charging to marine systems.

We are continually seeking new partners – companies who are looking for a powerful supervision platform that gives them the freedom to choose from different hardware and software solutions and quickly deliver optimized and truly open systems that protect investment and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Partner Testimonials

The partnership with HSYCO allows us to quickly bring together advanced, flexible and tailored control solutions
that perfectly match our reliable, trusted, technologically advanced automation systems.

Pietro Anelli, CEO, Duemmegi srl


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