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Iono Uno

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Iono Uno is an industrial I/O module that can be interfaced with HSYCO to expand its I/O capabilities, adding digital and analog inputs, one analog output, power relays, and TTL I/O lines for 1-Wire, Wiegand, and other digital protocols.


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Iono Uno is a PLC based on the Arduino platform, can be employed both in industrial and residential environments, for professional applications where extreme reliability, ruggedness and compliance with technical and safety directives are required.

6 x power relay outputs with bistable coils rated for 12A at 250V
4 x multi-mode inputs: digital or 0÷10V or 0÷20mA analog
2 x digital inputs or TTL level I/Os (1-Wire, I2C, Wiegand support)
1 x 0÷10V analog output

Standard RS-485 interface to the Arduino serial pins, with electrostatic discharge protection
WiFi/USB depending on installed Arduino board

Iono UNO is typically interfaced with HSYCO:
As WiFi I/O module
Combine Iono Uno with Arduino Uno WiFi for a reliable network I/O module.
As a Modbus module
Upload the Modbus RTU sketches available from the libraries’ examples, and your Iono will turn into a standard Modbus module configurable with a RS-485 interface.


Iono Uno Datasheet

Iono Uno Modbus RTU Software Documentation

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