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HSYCO Exo is the integrated, advanced environmental monitoring and control solution featuring temperature, humidity, air quality, light intensity, PIR sensors, and a microphone.


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HSYCO Exo is a comprehensive solution for environmental control, covering all situations where it’s essential to monitor variables such as temperature, humidity, noise, air quality, and light intensity. HSYCO Exo is bundled with a powerful server with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, an RS-485 serial port, two I/O lines, and supporting 1-Wire and Wiegand protocols.

HSYCO Exo offers three base software licenses, each tailored to support the supervision of several protocols. Whether you need to monitor four, one, or zero protocols, HSYCO Exo has the perfect configuration to meet your specific requirements.


Application Examples:

Retail Stores Monitoring

HSYCO Exo collects and processes information about temperature, brightness, and air quality in retail chains, implementing ambiance and resources optimization scenarios reducing costs and providing a web interface to monitor these variables’ trends over time.

Temperature Control

HSYCO Exo implements temperature control by reading temperature and humidity, applying thermostat logic, and controlling external HVAC devices through digital outputs or the RS-485 port.


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