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Integration Engineering

Integration Engineering – The Power of Integration

HSYCO is a powerful, versatile, and easily configurable supervision platform that makes creating secure, scalable, holistic solutions as simple as possible.  

HSYCO is an ever-evolving platform. Today, it supports over 100 standard and proprietary protocols. We continuously add new features and integrate the most promising emerging technologies to keep HSYCO a state-of-the-art, always up-to-date supervision solution.

Integrated control and system interoperability are primary requirements of any industrial or building automation installation because of the non-renounceable advantages that they bring along.

Usability: HSYCO integrated, graphical, customizable interface streamlines control, improving the user experience, simplifying the training requirements of operators, and minimizing the possibility of errors.

Efficiency: integration and interoperability make field systems more efficient, avoiding duplicating activities and costs.

Safety: combining the functionalities of different systems and automating the reactions to alarms and environmental data enhances the safety of the work and living environment.

Security: shielding diverse systems behind HSYCO’s secure umbrella can help correct unexpected behaviors and prevent unauthorized activities.

Customization: HSYCO is designed to grow beyond its continuously evolving standard features. In fact, HSYCO is an open environment for developers, providing a powerful application programming interface based on the standard and widely known Java and javaScript languages.

It can be deeply customized to respond to all specific requirements of the most complex installations while, at the same time, remaining easy to maintain.

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