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HSYCO and the Power of Partnership

HSYCO partners with developers, systems integrators and technology businesses to deliver open, state-of-the-art automation and control solutions. This partnership-based approach has been the key to the successful delivery of over 10,000 installations since 2007.

We are continually seeking new partners – companies who are looking for a powerful supervision platform that gives them the freedom to choose from different hardware and software solutions and quickly deliver optimized and truly open systems that protect investment and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Working closely with our partners we have addressed requirements in areas such as building automation, security and safety, environmental control and industrial automation as well as niche markets ranging from battery management and EV charging to marine systems.

Benefits of partnership

Our mission is to enable developers, systems integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily create secure, scalable and truly integrated automation and control supervision solutions. Over the years many of those developers and integrators have signed up as HSYCO partners and partnership has become fundamental to the HSYCO business model. As a result we are always looking for new, mutually beneficial collaborations.

Among the many benefits of signing up as an HSYCO partner are: 

• Access to an industry’s-leading flexible, scalable and reliable supervision platform 

• A route to new leads within your domain expertise

• Faster implementation of control and automation systems 

• Simplified integration of diverse hardware, software and protocols 

• No ‘lock-in’ to proprietary solutions

• Enhanced application security 

• Intuitive development tools 

• Dedicated technical support 

• Dedicated technical support team

Working with HSYCO’s trusted partners provides a hassle-free route to the design, development and implementation of secure, scalable and truly integrated automation and control solutions.

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    Partner Testimonial

    The partnership with HSYCO allows us to quickly bring together advanced, flexible and tailored control solutions that perfectly match our reliable, trusted, technologically advanced automation systems.

    Pietro Anelli, CEO, Duemmegi srl


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