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Mews is an Hotel management software that can be integrated in HSYCO with an API connection. The current release of the I/O Server has been tested with the Mews Web API.


Oracle’s FIAS (Fidelio Interface Application Specification) is a protocol specification used by different hospitality PMS systems to exchange data. This driver interprets check-in and check-out events and optionally exposes all received raw FIAS messages to be used in custom logic.

Alert5 Felma

Felma’s Alert5 is a supervisor system that can control anti-intrusion, fire prevention, access control and TVCC systems.


This I/O Server allows you to implement a custom Telegram bot in HSYCO, for sending and receiving messages using the Telegram messaging service.


The SSH I/O Server implements the SSH-2 version of the protocol, and supports remote command execution and the SCP protocol for bidirectional file transfer. It uses HSYCO data points to execute commands and return command status, making it easy to use the SSH protocol in EVENTS, as well as JavaScript and Java.


The SMTPSERVER I/O Server implements a very basic Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server based on a subset of the RFC 821 standard.


This driver provides weather information and forecasts retrieved from OpenWeatherMap.


This I/O Server implements two-way communication with the Webhooks service of IFTTT, allowing HSYCO to trigger applets in IFTTT and, the other way around, to receive notifications and data from applets.

Google Calendar

This driver allows for the use of Google Calendar as a scheduler.


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