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IRTRANS is a ethernet or Wi-Fi device than learns the codes of remote controls, stores them in a database and sends them. HSYCO can receive and send IR commands using IRTRANS.


The TSEC MACS is a perimeter anti-intrusion system for rigid and semi-rigid metal fences. The integration with HSYCO can be accomplished via a standard TCP/IP connection through the TSEC MACS ETH interface. This I/O server was developed following the TSEC MACS API 1.1.0.


This driver can read status and control Netatmo smart radiator valves using HTTPS protocol.

Alert5 Felma

Felma’s Alert5 is a supervisor system that can control anti-intrusion, fire prevention, access control and TVCC systems.

MQTT (client and broker)

HSYCO can act as an MQTT client (publisher/subscriber) or as an MQTT broker. It fully supports MQTT version 3.1.1.


The Aurora/ABB Power-One inverters allow for remote supervision of the system providing with several measurement data. The integration with HSYCO can be accomplished with a serial RS485 – TCP/IP gateway.

Philips Hue

HSYCO integrates the Philips Hue wireless bulbs through their bridge device connected to the local network.

Net IO

This driver can read the status and send control commands to a NETIO power socket, using the HTTP JSON API protocol.


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