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Mitsubishi VRV (MNET)

The Mitsubishi I/O Server can control air-conditioning devices connected to a Mitsubishi M-NET bus via a centralized controller and the Ethernet LAN.


RayControl 30 is the control unit for the FCC Planterm temperature control system. The integration with HSYCO can be accomplished via a standard Modbus RTU connection.

Daikin (RC)

The DAIKINRC I/O Server is compatible with the Daikin room air conditioner series CTXM, ATXM and FXTM units that can be fitted with the Daikin wireless LAN adapter (BRP06xxx) and are supported by the Daikin Controller iOS and Android app.

Daikin (iTC and iTM)

Daikin air-conditioning systems in combination with the intelligent Touch Controller (iTC) or the intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) allow for remote control and supervision, via Ethernet communication, of the whole framework. This driver is compatible with iTC and iTM modules respectively compliant with the DCS007A51 and DCM007A51 http protocol.


Airzone is a control framework for ducted air conditioning systems which allows for the control of several zones independently. This I/O server provides support for this Airzone systems: INNOBUS, FLEXA, ANTREE and CEN.

Giacomini GiakoClima

The GiacoKlima bus system equipped with the KM203 network controller allows for remote control and supervision, via Serial communication, of the whole heating/cooling framework.


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