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The NMEA I/O Server implements a basic NMEA 0183 TCP client that connects to a NMEA 0183 source and receives all sentences, checking and discarding the checksum of valid messages, and ignoring invalid messages.

Modbus (TCP client/server or Modbus RTU master)

HSYCO supports both Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU, acting as a Modbus master in both cases. HSYCO’s Modbus TCP SERVER I/O Server implements a Modbus TCP/IP server, allowing external Modbus clients to connect to HSYCO and perform any standard Modbus function.


MasterBus is a proprietary communication protocol used in a wide range of products from Mastervolt. It can be interfaced via the MasterBus Modbus Interface


VE.Direct is a simple, proprietary, communication protocol used in Victron Energy BlueSolar MPPT Charge 70/15 and the BMV-700 series battery monitors. Connect the VE.Direct port to HSYCO using the Victron Energy “VE.Direct to USB” interface cable.


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