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Press Case Study: HSYCO for the integrated control of Brivio & Viganò’s headquarter and warehouses

Case study HSYCO Brivio & Vigano

From Connessioni Magazine, October 2014

Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti, a road transport company founded in 1980, provides customers advanced technology management in the distribution, storage and logistic services for food products.

Recently Brivio & Viganò Autotrasporti decided to renovate its headquarters and warehouse located north of Milan (8,500 sqm) to better suit its logistics service with temperature control.

The company sponsored a competition to choose to most adept design project, handing the award to the system integrator and electrical installation firm, Vergani: Applied Electrical Systems. Vergani’s project succeeded with the help of HSYCO.

The original assignment concerned the realization of integrated light control, video surveillance and intrusion detection system; however, with the quick progress and the lure of device integration necessary for the company’s work, the business chose to install an integrated and complete interface with the addition of air conditioning and access control. When the company decided to build a second building they extended the system and its monitoring to the new complex, thus integrating two diverse systems.

The difficulty was in creating a centralized control system that was able to “converse” with so many different protocols and to integrate all the different brands used. The solution was to use HSYCO making possible the creation of scenarios that bring into cooperation more than one system (interoperability).

Several examples:

  • When the anti-intrusion detection is installed so are the thermal conditioning systems.
  • If the anti-intrusion system is used in the office with predetermined times, it can turn off the warehouse lights
  • When given an access badge to a second user, HSYCO can turn on the lights in the area where he or she is working, for example, the warehouse, office or storage.
  • A control checks to see if areas of the storage are free or occupied on Saturdays, to avoid any false intrusion detection alarms. Each occupied zone sends a report via email to the manager.
  • In cases where the warehouse’s doors remain open, an alert email is sent to the manager, and the anti-intrusion system cannot be activated.

HSYCO provides a comprehensive set of tools or web based configuration that allows the user to create pages to quickly and easily control interface from a PC or any enabled portable device. In addition, a diagnostic module can be used quickly, easily and securely locally or remotely. The entire system configuration can be maintained and accessed remotely and at any time in cases where changes need to be requested or for upgrades that check for faults or anomalies.


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Does your company need an integrated centralized control system in order to communicate with several protocols and brands, putting in collaboration more than one system? HSYCO is the ideal solution!

Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to study the best solutions for your needs.


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