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HSYCO 3.9 introduces new drivers and revolutionary modular hardware platforms

HSYCO 3.9 brings significant updates across various I/O servers, new configuration options, optimizes the scripting engine, and improves camera compatibility. Bundled with new, modular, DIN-Rail mounted servers specifically designed for Building and Industrial Automation.

We are thrilled to announce the release of HSYCO 3.9. This latest version introduces features, enhancements, and optimizations designed to elevate system performance, compatibility, and user experience.

This new release brings significant updates across various I/O servers, including support for new field systems such as Siemens Vanderbilt and Tecnoalarm EV10-50 security panels, Notifier AM8200N and AM8200 fire detection systems, and Mews PMS, the leading hospitality solution by Oracle. Furthermore, the Duemmegi Duelux, Duemmegi Contatto, Domino, Ksenia Lares4, and Mitsubishi MNET drivers have been updated.

Moreover, HSYCO 3.9 introduces new configuration options, optimizes the scripting engine, and improves camera compatibility.

Another revolutionary feature of HSYCO 3.9 is the new Strato Pi Max XL and Strato Pi Max XS servers, two cutting-edge Raspberry PI-based edge computing servers specifically designed for industrial automation. Strato Pi Max XL and XS are robust, powerful, and modular DIN rail-mounted machines, offering dual Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and BLE wireless connectivity, eMMC and SSD storage options, and two controlled USB ports. Both servers have embedded slots for expansion boards, adding features like serial ports, digital and analog I/O, UPS support, LTE connectivity (expected later in 2024), and more, making them ideal for robust and reliable industrial applications.

HSYCO 3.9 is a comprehensive upgrade that enhances our platform’s robustness, flexibility, and efficiency.

For detailed information on these updates and implementation guidance, please refer to our official documentation on our wiki and the HSYCO 3.9 release notes.

Our tech team, is always happy to provide information and support.

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